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          Photoinitiator TPO

          CAS No.: 75980-60-8  
          Molecular Formula: C22H21O2P  
          Molecular Weight: 348.3747 
          Photoinitiator TPO Appearance: Yellow Powder 
          Photoinitiator TPO Melting Point  : 88-92 ° C 
          Photoinitiator TPO Density: 1.2 g/cm3
          Light Initiator TPO absorption wavelength / nm: 295nm, 368nm, 380nm, 393nm 
          Application: TPO is a highly efficient free radical type I photoinitiator, mainly used for UV polymerization of the corresponding resin. Particularly suitable for curing low yellowing, white system and thick film and resin's deep curing, can be used for UV curable coating, screen printing ink, lithographic ink, flexo ink, wood coating, printing ink, UV curing adhesive, and Optical fiber coating, etc.
          Storage and transportation : keep sealed; store under low temperature and dry conditions.


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